Calculation of derivatives

Content Motivation Classification of methods     Motivation In practice the derivatives are not directly in hand, while we are solving optimisation problem. A single wrong derivative can already result in big problem. For example, in all these gradient based methods, the convergence of the method would be tremendously injured. In this post we are … Continue reading Calculation of derivatives


Tala svenska A2+ Lesson 1 Thanks for last time!

Guide Main I (Dialogue): På kaffe hos Margareta /  coffee meeting at Margareta's II (Writing): En liten historia / a little story III: (Reading): Vetebröd och "tack för senast" / Swedish kaffebjudning culture Vocabulary I: house ware    II: family members    III: gymnastics Grammar:  I: possessive pronouns (Exercise) II: reflexive possessive pronouns (Exercise)     … Continue reading Tala svenska A2+ Lesson 1 Thanks for last time!

Finite difference method (FDM)

Content Introduction Forward difference approximation The formula Approximation error Formula error Machine error Rounding error Choice of the approximation width Central difference approximation The formula Choice of the approximation width Second derivative approximation     Introduction Finite difference method is for approximating the derivative of functions. Especially for optimisation problems, where the derivatives are not … Continue reading Finite difference method (FDM)

SQP Method (Sequential quadratic programming)

Content Introduction Algorithm The underlying NLP Initialisation Iteration S1: Approximation of lagrange multiplier S2: Termination check S3: New search direction S4: Step width S5: Update S6: Go back     Introduction Sequential quadratic programming (SQP) is an iterative method for constrained nonlinear optimisation problem(NLP). If the problem is unconstrained, then the method reduces to Newton's method for … Continue reading SQP Method (Sequential quadratic programming)

Tala svenska A1 Vocabulary Summary

Content Things in a classroom Numbers Tourist places Countries and languages Residence situation Marital status Bank ATM Swedish money Thing in a kiosk Shops and institutions Week time Activities Things in a hotel room Transportation tools Food Unit weight&volume Cooking Tableware Seasons and months Things in classroom entavla | tavlan | tavlor | tavlorna        … Continue reading Tala svenska A1 Vocabulary Summary

Tala svenska A1 Grammar Summary

Content Pronouns Articles of nouns Usage of articles Genitive Verbs infinitive and present tense The pronoun 'det' Modal verbs Prepositions Relative pronouns 'som' Reflexive verbs Indefinite pronouns 'någon, något, ingen, inget' Den/det här/där, this/that Plurals of nouns Imperative The adverbs också and inte heller Odinal Date and year Past tense     Pronoun Singular jag/I  … Continue reading Tala svenska A1 Grammar Summary